Minima Live Wallpaper is a welcome addition to any homescreen

Minima Pro

Minima Live Wallpaper is a must have wallpaper if you own an android device. It’s one of the most amazing apps which you never thought existed until you see it. Read the rest of this entry

Upcoming must play games of 2015

Top 3 Video Games of 2015 banner

The year 2014 saw the release of several games, including some well-received titles, such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, GTA and Far Cry etc. In addition, it saw the release of many new names, like DestinyTitanfall and Watch Dogs etc.

Here are top 3 upcoming games, I am looking forward to in 2015. Are you as excited as I am? Read the rest of this entry

XPS 13: World’s smallest Laptop to date

Dell XPS 13 2015

LAS VEGAS: Dell’s premium XPS laptops with intel’s fifth generation processors.

Yesterday, Dell announced its latest XPS 13, calling it the world’s smallest laptop.They have managed to stuff a 13.3-inch screen into an 11-inch notebook chassis. Its width is slightly less than 12 inches, and supports a 5.2mm super thin bezel. Its 0.6 inch thick from one end and down to 0.3 inches tapered to the other. A full aluminium body makes it astonishingly light weighing at 1.2kg (2.6 pounds).

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Toyota Corolla Altis vs Honda Civic

Toyota Corolla Altis vs Honda Civic

Luxury Sedan Comparison Smack Down

The Honda Civic and Toyota Altis sedans are some of the best-known compact cars sold in the world. Corolla vs Civic has always been a hot debate. This head to head comparison is going to put down all the analysis in fairly simple terms without making it too technical for common buyers. Read the rest of this entry

Toyota Corolla 2014 (Review)

corolla 2013 vs 2014

Has Toyota improved it enough?

A few months back, Toyota launched the 11th generation Corolla, featuring projector headlamps with DRLs (Daytime Running LED) bordered around a large chrome grille whereas, the last Corolla offered HID (High Intensity Discharge) headlamps and had a plastic grille.

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Everyone should have a slice of Raspberry Pi

Have a Raspberry pi

Raspberry Pi is a robust, small, powerful computer and development board to help train a new breed of programmers and electronics engineers.

Developed by the Raspberry PI foundation in UK, the Raspberry Pi computer is a miniature (credit-card-sized) single-board ARM based PC which can do many of the things a desktop PC can do like word-processing, games or playing back High-Definition video. Read the rest of this entry

Billionaire’s wild idea of super fast transport system


Last week Elon Musk released a white paper for a new idea in city-to-city public transportation, a steel tube running from Los Angeles to San Francisco carrying passengers in an aluminum, air-propelled pod. Capsules travelling just under the speed of sound, at 760 mph (1,220 km/h) and reaching destination in about 30 minutes seems like a brilliant idea.  Musk gave a lot of calculations to back up his vision, and calls it a Hyperloop.

He has described the Hyperloop as;

“a cross between a Concord, a rail gun and an air hockey table.” Read the rest of this entry

Oblivion (2013): Tom with a BubbleShip



Joseph Kosinski


Tom Cruise, Morgan Freeman, Olga Kurylenko


Jack Harper, a veteran assigned to extract Earth’s remaining resources begins to question what he knows about his mission and himself.

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New XPS 12 Ultrabook™

It’s a laptop…It’s a tablet…It’s a lap-tab……NO! its an Ultrabook.


XPS 12 Ultrabook has a very lean design. It transforms to tablet with a fluid flip-fold motion, and gives the bestproductivity and entertainment at fingertips.

Whether it’s browsing blogs in tablet mode, or answering emails and preparing presentations in Ultrabook mode, XPS 12 is built to perform around life.

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The Future of AR:

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality, also known as AR, is a growing area in virtual reality research. The world environment around us provides a wealth of information that is relevant to the location of the user and user itself. An augmented reality system produces a composite view for the user. Read the rest of this entry